Twelve years ago, we first brought in Ravenna the “self-contained” solution that offers to our guests accommodation in completely independent apartments of various sizes overlooking the courtyard and NOT in standard hotel rooms.
We are perfectly equipped to offer you maximum comfort and privacy during your stay.
Each apartment is nicely furnished using shades of pastel and soft colors to create a pleasant atmosphere.


Between history and legend. Being inspired from his face, the poet D’Annunzio wrote about him “Rage, death and sorrow were his seals”. According to legend, if a woman kisses him, she will get married before the end of the same year.


On 14 September 1921 “Dante’s bell” was erected; it was a gift from the town councils of Italy to the town of Ravenna. Every evening, while praying Holy Mary, the bell rings 13 tolls, just to remeber everyone that “it’s time to look forward to desire and it’s the time that moves the heart of seamen”.


In the centre of Ravenna’s main square (Piazza del popolo) there is a marble plaque with an inscription: it is believed that the tree of freedom was planted here on 15 February MDCCCXLVIII, during the period of the Roman Republic.


Remains that go back 3000 years have been found in our underground. The ancient writer Strabone, who lived more than 2000 years ago, wrote the following words about Ravenna: «It has been said that Ravenna was founded by the Tessali, who as they could not endure the Tirreni’s arrogance, spontaneously welcomed the Umbri, who are still living in the city, while they went back to their homeland.».

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